Free SIM Cards that are Worth a Fortune?

Have you noticed how prices seem to be rising at the moment? It is not just the cost of car insurance, holidays or your weekly shop that seem to be getting more expensive; the same can be said of almost all mobile phone package deals. A few months ago, finding a deal that offered a great call rate alongside unlimited texts was relatively straightforward. Nowadays, unless you are prepared to spend a large amount of money upfront for a handset, or go onto an expensive monthly contract, it can be a real problem finding a pay as you go SIM card that offers great value.

Unless of course, you already know about some of the goodybag deals being offered by pay as you go SIM only company giffgaff.

This innovative network has eschewed the traditional view that if you are looking to get the best rates on calls, unlimited texts and unlimited Web access, you need to commit to an expensive monthly contract with one of the mobile giants. Instead, giffgaff has focused on ensuring that the often-neglected pay as you go customer gets as good a deal as those who are on more expensive pay tariffs with other providers. It views itself as a David among Goliath’s in mobile land; only it doesn’t sling stones to achieve its aims.

The way giffgaff attempts to achieve its vision is not solely via its company ethos of being caring and sharing, but via the quality and value of its goodybag offers. This is a company that does not go for expensive gimmicks or frills and instead wins the hearts and minds of its customers by offering something a little more fundamental; a quality of service that is simple and easy to use and a belief that every one of its customers should benefit from its successes.

A good example of this is the value offered by its goodbags, and once you decide to give the friendly bods at giffgaff a try with its free SIM cards, you can choose one of the range of giffgaff goodybags that best suit your
mobile requirements.

The goodybags begin at just £5, which gives you unlimited texts. However, there are other goodybags available for £10, £15, £20 and £30, which not only give the user free texts for the month, but also give unlimited Web access and a set number of free call minutes. Unless you opt to pay for the £30 goodybag in which case you get unlimited phone calls for the month, too.

This is a flexible way to pay for your mobile phone usage and there is a reason for that. When giffgaff originally launched its goodybag packs, they asked users what they thought. It listened to the feedback and adapted the packs to best match their requirements. The result is now a selection of goodybags that are suited to the usage patterns of any mobile phone user.

There is also greater flexibility available as even if you do not want to take advantage of one of the goodybag offers, you can top up exactly how much you need to pay when you need it and still take advantage of giffgaff’s excellent rates for calls and messaging. These start at just 4p per minute for texts, compared to 10p per text with many of the major UK providers.

Even if your mobile phone usage fluctuates from month to month, giffgaff has come up with an answer with its giffgaff labs offer, which offers calls from just 2p per minute and texts from 1p per text, all for just £5 a month.

For the customer seeking a better deal for their mobile, these rates offer great value. This is particularly the case if you have spent a great deal of money on an expensive smartphone and want to maintain the functionality of your machine, yet not pay a fortune in monthly call and messaging costs when you actually use it.

Not to forget, if you opt to purchase a goodybag of between £10 and £30, then you get free Web usage. This is particularly beneficial if you use the Internet a great deal on your phone, which is often the case with all the downloadable apps available.

If you are a customer looking to find a deal that allows you to use your phone to its full potential, will not force you into paying a large amount each month and enables you great flexibility depending on your phone usage from month to month, then giffgaff is worthy of serious consideration.