Gambler sold stolen goods on eBay to feed his habit

A supply firm manager was found guilty of taking over £40,000 in goods and then selling them on eBay in order to pay his gambling debts. Jamie Leckenby aged 40 worked at Eriks UK, a supply firm located in Howden. The company supplies engineering products on both a local and international level to customers.

In June of 1999 he received the job title of service centre manager and from this point forward had full control of the product supplies and which products the company purchased. He choose to place product orders and invoice customers to pay for them, but instead of actually giving them to the customers that had paid their invoices, he would turn around and sell the expensive items on eBay counting on the fact that larger companies would not notice.

Prosecutor Jharna explained to the Hull Crown Court that Leckenby was arrested back in December and he admitted to all of the crimes that he was charged with. She explained that his wife had gone back to school and they used the money that he made on the side to help pay their living expenses. He also noted that some of the money went towards his gambling.

It is estimated that Leckenby stole supplies between the period of February of 2010 and May of 2011 before he was caught. He was caught when a customer purchased a generator on eBay and then had problems with it. Naturally, the customer contacted the manufacturers to tell them of his problems with the machine at which point the trail of purchase was traced back to Leckenby.

A further investigation found that Leckenby had actually sold 118 items over his eBay account accounting for just under £39,800 in losses for the company. In addition, the internal audit cost the firm another £7,200.