Gamestaar refines payment system for trading of your old games

Trading in old and unwanted video games in return for cash has become big business but consumers can often be left waiting for payment. New online platform Gamestaar aims to change that by guaranteeing its customers a quick service – or they will double the agreed payment.While selling old games and other electrical items online has become popular in recent years, it can often be an experience that is full of hassle and price confusion for consumers. Some alternative platforms operate an auction system meaning cash prices are not set or sellers find that they are left chasing providers for payment or that payment timescales are not adhered to. Gamestaar turns this system on its head – unlike auction sites, users can get cash for as many of their old games as they want without the hassle and cost of selling each individually.

Aadil Baig, Founder of Gamestaar, said, “UK consumers spent more than £4 billion on video games last year and trading in your old games is a great way to get extra cash to purchase the latest releases. We know how frustrating it can be to send your old products to a platform only to be waiting days or weeks for your payment. That’s why we guarantee that payment will occur within 24 hours of us receiving your goods, and if we fail to meet the standard set we will double the money we pay you.”

Video game enthusiasts can now simply use Gamestaar to select their unwanted games to sell on the platform. It will then give them a straightforward price for each product, with no added fees, and the option to receive cash payment or store credit. Users simply package their games and send them to Gamestaar for free. Then, within 24 hours of the package being delivered to the company payment will be made.

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