Gifts for Father's Day

Father’s day gift giving

Father’s day is the new date in the shopping calendar. Here in the UK it seems that increasingly there are more and more dates in the calendar we celebrate with gift giving – Christmas, Easter, Valentine’s day, Mother’s day and now Father’s day.

It took a while for Father’s day to catch up with Mother’s day here in the UK. But, dads share the work so why should they not share the reward? It is believed that Father’s day originates in the US, where it was begun by a faithful daughter who asked why there was only a Mother’s day. According to the Daily Telegraph, it has been celebrated across the pond since 1966.

With June the 19th, Father’s day, fast approaching, it is time again to start scratching our heads and wondering just what gift we can give Dad?

Traditionally, Dad’s are notoriously difficult to shop for. The fact that we buy them socks every year is the source of many jokes.

Clothes are always an option, and with the advent of online shopping, changing unwanted items has become easier. But why take that risk? Sports are another well known interest of many fathers, but it is not an easy subject to buy presents around.

We all know that booze always goes down well. No pun intended. There are few dads that don’t enjoy a tipple.

A vintage Scotch, perhaps? Or, a quality, carefully selected bottle of wine or champagne? If beer is more your Dad’s poison then why not look at some of the many craft beer and micro-breweries that are selling online these days?

Fine wines and liquors can be expensive, so depending on your budget you may prefer to choose accessories such as glasses (perhaps personalised), decanters, cork screws, wine aerators, or any of the plethora of such items that are on offer on the internet these days. On Find a Present UK’s Father’s Day section offers a good selection of options.

So come on, feel inspired, and raise a glass with your dad on Father’s day this year!