Global conman caught in North Yorkshire

An international conman who has scammed victims from all over the globe was placed in jail after an investigation closed ran by the North Yorkshire Police.

Eric Fitzpatrick Danison would pose as a businessman so that his victims would offer him access to credit totalling up to millions of pounds in exchange for advance fees.  He then would transfer the stolen funds over to different Swiss bank accounts to hide what he was up to.

It took two and a half years of tracing Danison’s actions until the North Yorkshire Police were able to pinpoint him.

At the time of his arrest, Danison was said to be involved in investment scans worth up to £23m.  Last month Danison pleaded guilty to several counts of fraud at the Birmingham Crown Court and received 11 years in jail.  In addition, he is not allowed to be a company director again for the next 15 years.

On top of this, he was given a 15 year crime prevention order once he finishes his prison sentence so that his activities can be monitored.

A spokesman for the police stated that Danison is a conman who took advantage of people on an international level including citizens within North Yorkshire.

Danison covered up his crimes by running a company named Amekel Capital out of a rented office space in Canary Wharf in London.

He was caught last year when he tried to launder £1.5m of his profits by purchasing the Northamptonshire country house Passenham Manor.