Go Green with White Goods – Eco Friendly Tips and Money Saving Tricks

Whether you’re looking to add some eco-friendly practices to your laundry and household routine to protect the environment or simply want to save a little extra cash on your energy bills, there are a variety of useful tips and tricks you can carry out to make this process a lot more eco-friendly and less painful on your energy bills at the same time.

Washing machine by Takayuki Nakagawa
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With increasing confusion regarding energy efficiency labels and various cycles and programmes available, it’s easy to get lost in the complex world of eco-friendly white appliances. These stickers and settings are there to encourage us to purchase the most environmentally friendly option possible, so if you notice them whilst shopping, try and opt for the A or A+ option.
Switch Supplier
Sometimes, it won’t matter if you’re switching a relic of a washing machine to the latest A+ rated eco-friendly model, if your electrical company is over-charging you, it won’t make much difference, especially if you buy an expensive model of washing machine. Take some time to compare electrical supplier prices to see if you’re over spending on your bills. You will also notice that this is where the majority of savings can be made, with the help of handy comparison website.
Bigger Isn’t Always Better
If you live alone or have a particularly small family, there should be no real requirement to buy a large washing machine with a big drum. Pay attention to how many loads you’re washing and buy a washing machine that reflects this. This alone can save a great deal of electricity and use a lot less water at the same time, great for both the environment and your energy bills.

Keep an eye out for a smaller drum size and load maximum if you won’t be carrying out too many washes, however if you do have a big family, bigger drums are better as you will use less washes to get your laundry completed.

Although switching your electrical supplier and washing machine may seem like a bit of a farce, you can feel rest assured that you will start reaping the benefits from your energy bills before you know it. By opting for eco washes, you’re using a lot less water, and also heating it to a lower temperature but continuing to receive just as high quality results as you would with your usual washing cycle.

When it comes to purchasing the washing machine, the world of white appliances is your oyster. A variety of online and high street stores offer an extensive range of eco-friendly washing machines to suit your needs, however it’s always beneficial to check out prices online before you head out on your washing machine hunt.

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Photo Credit: Nakagawa