Government concentrates on fraud prevention

In response to the announcement of how fraud will be tackled within the public sector, CEO of CIFAS, Peter Hurst stated that he is delighted the Government is finally taking a closer look at how they can prevent fraud from occurring instead of just worrying about how to investigate it once it is committed.

CIFAS is a non-profit fraud prevention organization that is dedicated to sharing information with the public about known fraudsters and is aiming to work alongside the government in order to reduce the amount of fraud found in the public sector.

Hurst continued to say that a great deal of effort in combating fraud has been placed on credit reference agencies, but while they will have a role in the process Ministers should look at other available tools such as creating databases like CIFAS that contains the names of all known fraudsters instead of assuming that credit reference agencies are the best solution.

In addition, Hurst said that he will be writing to the Work and Pensions Secretary, Duncan Smith, to ask for a meeting so that they can discuss how non-profit organizations can help aid the government along with those found in the commercial sector.

He added that the speech by the Prime Minister addressing the need for better fraud prevention was very pleasing and is a signal that the mood is changing in Whitehall and that CIFAS looks forward to working with Smith in any way possible to develop a strong counter-fraud strategy.