Great Scams of Christmas

McAfee has published the “ Scams of Christmas” to warn consumers of being taken advantage of during the festive season.

1. Get an iPad

Since iPad will be quite popular gifts this year, one scam has surfaced that asks for your credit card info in order to receive a free iPad. Since the iPad will never arrive and the bandit gets away with your credit card details, the cheapest way to get an iPad is to buy it.

2. “Bro, I’ve been robbed!”

Sms’ from mysterious numbers, claiming to be a friend or family member who has been robbed, without an actual phone call, are the second biggest scam.

3. “Gift” card?

Personal info and quizzes are the front for social network oriented fake gift cards, designed to steal your bank details. Beware!

4. Jobs at Christmas

Work at home, get rich, and put in very few hours! Just give us your SSN and email address so we can steal your identity and your life!

5. Smishing

This is phishing via sms. They claim to have some problem with your account and look like they are coming from your Bank or some store online. As soon as you give them your personal info they are gone!

6. Rentals at Christmas

Excellent offers to rent that ask for a deposit on property or a car, using wire or credit card, are very precarious. Buyer beware!

7. The Recession Hits Back!

Pre-qualified, low-interest loans are tempting when cash is tight, like now. Similarly, pay-first credit cards are tantilizing. Do not give in to the spam emails that offer these honey traps.

8. Evil Greeting Cards

Free greeting card services have long been a conduit for malware and viruses. So the next time you want to send grandma one, make sure she’s running Linux.