Guernsey school boy in £12 million bank fraud

Nick Webber, a 19 year-old school boy from Guernsey and son of former Guernsey politician Tony Webber, masterminded a £12 million bank fraud on the internet and may be facing time behind bars after opening the website and offering tutorials on credit card scams and selling credit cards detail around the globe

He was caught with over 100,000 credit cards on his laptop and has already pleaded guilty to multi-million pound fraud at Southwark Crown Court, along with three others.

The scams affected more than 65,000 bank accounts and represented a potential loss of over £12 to credit card companies. Services included how to use stolen credit cards on Ebay, manufacture Crystal Meth, how to hack into bank accounts and how to create computer viruses and there is an estimated 8.000 members worldwide.

Using a compromised credit card he ran up a £1,000 bill at London hotel and was subsequently arrested.