Hassle free parents’ evening

It’s that time of year again – parents’ evening is looming and all your teachers are in a panic and a flap. Parent’s evening is one of the most dreaded things to co-ordinate for a teacher. As if teachers were not pressed for time enough, they have to spend hours trying to slot parents’ into appointments and arrange their meetings to attempt to please all parents.

Their time is also taken up with checking which parents have not yet booked and chasing students for booking forms they probably lost weeks ago. All of this is a hassle and a struggle that teachers could do without. That is why there is a new innovative system for booking parents’ evening appointments. We all know our teachers have enough to do without their valuable time being taken up with admin tasks.

The parents evening booking system is new innovative market leading school admin software. It saves your teachers so much valuable, resourceful time and in the long run, saves you money.  Both parents and teachers can take advantage of this web based software, making any appointment booking hassle free.

The system is simple to use as there is no installing CD or software. The system is hosted on it’s very on server and couldn’t be simpler to use.

There are so many benefits for schools using the parents’ evening booking system. The system saves hundreds of admin hours, giving teachers time back for working and preparing lesson plans and resources. The system is very cost effective, working on a basis of how many pupils there are in your school.

There are also no hidden costs. The costs are calculated purely by the number of children and that is all. The system connects with the schools ‘MIS’ database to draw all information on teachers, pupils, parents and classes. This saves admin time inputting this data.

Once the system is set up, each parents’ evening is set up in a matter of minutes. Teachers can book appointments on behalf of parents and can easily see who has not booked. Parents can also request to discuss certain subject matters in advance, giving your teachers time to prepare facts and figures and answers for those awkward questions.

Your school really needs the parent’s evening booking system to make life so much easier and simpler. If you’d be interested you can download a free trial and see just how simple it really could be. To know more about parents evening booking system visit for everything you need to know and a free demo. Go on, treat your teachers to some admin free time!