Hiking Tips: How to Stay Safe When Enjoying the Great Outdoors

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There is nothing as enjoyable and thrilling as being out in nature. It is important to give priority to your safety if you are undertaking a hike, whether in the UK or overseas. Follow our top tips on how to stay safe when enjoying the great outdoors.

Experienced hikers know far too well about the importance of ensuring they have protective clothing with them at all times, and avoiding elements such as falling rocks.

The only way for you to be aware of how to handle such situations is by researching different aspects of the wild and getting to know as many hiking tips as possible.


Before setting out on your hike, the first thing you should do is know your hike and the type of terrain you will be dealing with. This information is quite easy to find. All you will be required to do is simply make use of a search engine and type the name of the destination or park where you will be going to – all the information you require will be right in front of you. Some of the information that you are likely to find will include; activities, tracks and contact details for the park rangers. It is also necessary for you to talk to a ranger before going for your hike and get as much information as you can about safety and any other issues.

Know Your Surroundings

Regardless of the location of your hike – be it in the Everglades or in the Brecon Beacons – it is important that you know your environment. The last thing anyone wants is to get injured while out on a hike.

Your knowledge of the terrain, weather conditions and a good pair of Hi-Tec walking boots may actually save your life. By knowing your environment, you will also be able to know which plants or animals to keep away from. Another important factor to study is being aware of the climatic condition of the place you will be going to for your hike. You can then plan accordingly depending on the weather, or plan for your hike during the best season.

Start Small

This is one of the most important hiking tips for beginners as it allows them to know the importance of hiking within a close proximity to their homes or base camp.

Clean Drinking Water

While out hiking, never fall into the temptation of drinking water straight from a lake or river regardless of how  crystal clear the water maybe. The reason for this is because such waters often contain a large number of bacteria which will definitely end up making you sick. For this reason it is advisable to carry your own clean drinking water or a filter for the purpose of water purification.

Invest in Appropriate Equipment

The most important thing to do when undertaking any form of hike is to ensure that you have the appropriate equipment which is needed. This means that items such walking boots and a good Berghaus jacket will need to be purchased from reputable retailers. Individuals should always buy specialist equipment and should consider the different options provided by manufacturers. Outwell tents are a common brand and will offer individuals a range of options for all their outdoor needs.