Home Mechanics Tools for DIY Maintenance

With the ever increasing costs of servicing a vehicle more people are looking at doing basic maintenance themselves. Not only can it save you money but many people like having a better idea of what is going on with their personal vehicle.

Many of the routing maintenance needs can be done very easily with little or no training or experience if you take your time and are cautious as you learn the steps. Virtually any maintenance task can be looked up on the internet for step by step directions. The owner’s manual for your vehicle will list exactly what kind of fluids and oil are required, and most tasks can be found on YouTube and other places so you can actually watch it be done before you try it.

As you learn a little and gain confidence you will be comfortable with more different tasks saving you a lot of money over having simple services performed by professionals. Professional mechanics typically charge the same labour rate for routine maintenance as they do for complex repairs so when you have them do it you are paying for technical experience that you really have no need for.

Simple routine maintenance that can be performed by nearly anybody is included. Major repairs and things such as brakes are best left to a professional mechanic.

You will need some basic tools to do your own maintenance.

 A quality screwdriver set and ratchet set are a must. Virtually anything you attempt will require these. They should be of decent quality and able to withstand some amount of force without slipping.

Several hammers of varying sizes are needed.  It is far easier to use a bigger or smaller hammer rather than trying to swing a small hammer much harder or fit a large hammer into a tight space if something needs a tap.

An oil filter wrench and fluid funnels. The oil filter is easiest changed with an inexpensive tool specifically for that. Any time you are changing fluids funnels and a bucket should be used to prevent a mess.

A quality floor jack will make things much easier and safer. These robust trolley jacks are an excellent choice for convenience and safety.

A set of good quality wrenches is useful. Some places a socket and ratchet simply does not have clearance to fit well and then a wrench is a better choice.

With these simple tools routine tasks such as oil changes, tire rotations, changing air filters, battery, and bulbs of all types. Not only will it save you money, if you take into account time to drive to the services station, wait for the repair, and drive back you may find it saves you time doing it yourself as well.