Houses for sale in Bristol

After being almost completely decimated by the bombing raids during WWII, the post war rush to rebuild caused Bristol to become a city of harsh concrete that went only to serve the needs of the city for practical accommodation, with little aesthetic value. Thankfully, over the past decade or so Bristol has been revamped. Rejuvenated and completely made over into the vibrant, energetic city we know today.

The reputation it now has as an innovative and forward thinking city is attracting investors and professionals in their droves, and is now one of the most populous cities with around 465,000 people calling Bristol home. Built around the River Avon,  there is an eclectic mix of accommodation within the city limits with city centre living giving way to the quieter coastal area on the Bristol Channel.

The houses for sale in Bristol and the surrounding areas are a little less than the UK average, with house prices sitting at around £208,000. The city accommodation is a heady mix of grade I and II listed buildings that have been converted into apartments along with modern flats and loft conversions. Due to the university there is a large student presence, and many have invested in property in Bristol purely to rent them out to the students.

Flats to rent in Bristol are aplenty, and range from studios to larger flats in converted churches, warehouses and the like. These particularly appeal to young professionals who want to live right in the hub of the city, for both work and play. The financial sector alone employs over 59,000 people, with the two largest employers being the Ministry of Defence and Bristol City Council.

Like all cities, there are different areas to suit the needs of various residents. Higher priced family accommodation can be found in Clifton, and as waterfront living increases in popularity so are the areas of Redcliffe and Bedminster. Students tend to make their temporary homes in Cotham and Redland where rental properties are particularly prevalent.

There is much to attract people to Bristol who are looking to relocate whether through work or just by choice. It is also the 7th most popular city in Britain in terms of foreign tourists, greatly helped by Bristol Airport being on the outskirts and frequent flights coming from Europe. Add in the typical British mix of museums, theatres, art galleries and numerous good restaurants, it has great appeal for both foreign and domestic tourists.

Guest blog post by Alan