Houses for sale in Plymouth and Nottingham

Plymouth in Devon has always been one of the most desirable areas in England as far as quality of life is concerned. This has received an ever bigger boost in recent times with the multi million pound redevelopment of the harbour area, and it has received such attention in the media that houses for sale in Plymouth are once again changing hands faster than almost anywhere else in the country.

This goes against the general consensus that it is impossible to get a mortgage these days, as the speed that for sale signs go up in Plymouth, then have sold plastered across them tells a very different story. These may not all be private buyers who intend using these properties as private residences however, as the mortgage rate for buy to let purchasers is very much in the ascendancy, so it seems pretty obvious that many will be being bought for this purpose.

It will come as no surprise to those who know the area that Plymouth is such a popular place to live. It enjoys a prime location on the south east coast and also benefits from one of the best climates in Britain. It is also an area of outstanding natural beauty and from here the likes of the Dartmoor and the southern most county of Cornwall are easily accessible and the list of pros and cons of living here is overwhelmingly on the side of the former.

This waterfront city that has a population of approximately 250,000 has been voted several times as the best place in the UK to live, and has come a long way from the days when it was considered to be just a student city, as an ever increasing number of professionals and families are relocating here and enjoying the lifestyle that this location and climate affords.

Another city with long associations with a university is Nottingham. A progressive city with far reaching historical ties to the folklore of Robin Hood and Sherwood Forest, Nottingham is now considered one of the best place for property developers to expand their portfolios as the houses for sale in Nottingham are amongst the lowest priced you will find in any British city.

Buy to let purchases are particularly prevalent here due to the huge volume of students that attend the university. The city very much depends on the boost to the local economy that these temporary residents provide, and with more students than ever choosing to live outside of the restrictions that prevail in the student halls, rental property is in particularly high demand.

The recession caused the house prices in Nottingham to fall even further, and while they have rallied of late, it still offers the homebuyer a lot of house for their money. Flats in particular are being snapped up incredibly quickly, both by the smart landlords looking for a quick return from the student population and from young professionals who are taking advantage of the opportunities that this historic city has to offer.