How much does your pet cost you?

Have you ever sat down and worked out the cost of owning a pet? If so, you probably got quite a shock. Your bank balance will certainly suffer, but hopefully your heart will feel warmer as you take care of a happy and healthy animal.

Here at Hill’s we understand that doting on your cat or providing the best puppy care does not come cheap. Spending money on pet food, animal collars and grooming kits all adds up. Nevertheless, we also know that pet owners are prepared to pay for quality and will only feed their animals the very best. That is why we offer a wide range of pet food products that provide the best nutritional care for your furry friend.

Because no two animals are the same, we work around the clock to make sure we are providing the optimum balance of nutrients for your pet’s weight, size and medical needs. We are proud to have developed industry-leading formulas and have the most extensive clinical nutrition products for sick, at risk and healthy pets.

We’ve something to help the digestion and immunity of growing pups and even have products to help the vital organs function in aging cats. We know that your pets mean the world to you, which is why we cater to your animal’s individual requirements – our pet food is even the number one choice for vets.

If your animal has a health condition, we have specially formulated foods which will help keep your troublesome Tabby or precious Poodle in top physical shape. Whether your cat suffers from poor digestive health or your canine has poor dog mobility, we’ve got something to help them out.

Every single person that works for Hill’s understands the special bond you form with your pet. That’s why we will do all we can to help strengthen that special relationship. With more than 150 veterinarians, Ph.D. nutritionists and food scientists worldwide Hill’s is constantly innovating to ensure we always bring new and exciting products to the market.

With Christmas around the corner it can be tempting to cut back on pet food and opt for cheaper brands. While saving a few pennies might seem appealing, the nutritional welfare of your animal is far more important so you might want to think twice. Find out more about Hill’s today and treat your pets to the food they deserve.

Article Courtesy of Hill’s