How to Achieve Identity Protection

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It is important to protect your identity to ensure you are not subject to identity fraud which could see you lose a significant amount of money.

In this current economic climate, where the cost of living is high and employment is hard to come by, the cash flow that is stunted by credit card fraud could cause further problems for those feeling the squeeze.

PIN Number Storage

If you are going to store you PIN numbers for your debit, credit and store cards, ensure they are safely hidden away, and not obvious to prying eyes.

The best way to ensure you do not make yourself prone to identity fraud is to memorise the PIN numbers – this will also save you time when you come to enter the PINs each time too.

Entering your PIN

Always ensure you hold your free hand over the hand that is entering the PIN number so people behind you do not catch which numbers you enter.

There have also been cases where people have been caught out by illegal cameras filming people entering their PIN from the top of the cash machine – so cover it from the top as well as from the side.

Shredding Documents

Identity fraud means any information which makes up information about your age, date of birth, and address is compiled and used by someone to whom that identity does not belong, to access money that is not their own.

So any letters that are addressed to you and have your name and address on, if not stored, should be put through the office shredder, before throwing them away.

Receipts should also be put through the paper shredder carefully so fraudsters cannot use the information they hold of your account numbers.  Buy a good quality shredder to do the job properly.

Storing Cards and Documents

Be wary of documenting too much personal information in a diary you keep on your person, as if you were to lose it, or have your handbag stolen, this alongside all your credit and debit cards could mean you give the thief everything and all the information they need to pretend to be you.

Store your documents safely and make sure they are organised, this identity protection tip will mean you can keep track of all your important documents so if any were to go missing you would know you could be at risk of identity fraud.