How to get the cheapest broadband deals

With broadband services available in virtually every area in the UK, finding a cheap broadband deal is relatively easy. There are a number of reputable service providers all fighting for your custom, so prices have become extremely competitive, with some providers offering half price services and free installation on certain deals. In order to find the best broadband deals, it’s worth considering exactly what you’ll need your connection for. There is no point singing up for a contract you won’t make the most of.

Contract Length

With most internet service providers wanting to lock you into a contract for as long as possible, the longer your contract, the cheaper it will be. This is ideal for people who own their homes or do not intend to move often. Finding the cheapest broadband for people who frequently move home (such as students or temporary workers) is considerably more difficult. There are a number of ISP’s offering short term contracts, so finding the cheapest broadband will require some research on price comparison websites.


With many internet providers also offering TV and Phone services, consolidating all your services with one provider can offer considerable savings. Many providers will offer free hi tech routers and waive installation fees for those who opt to bundle all their services with one provider. Be sure to check with your current service providers when you contracts expire or you may be faced with hefty leaving fees.

Internet speeds

Broadband prices are normally based around the internet speed that is provided. Your cheapest broadband deals will normally offer anywhere from 2megabits to 8megabits per second. For your average internet user, this should be more than adequate. If you intend to download media content or play games online, cheaper connections may not be the best option as you will need a reliable high speed connection to get the best performance.

Internet usage

If you’re an infrequent user, you could save money by choosing an internet deal that has some form of usage allowance. The cheapest broadband deals often have a usage cap of around 1 or 2gbs, meaning you can view around 25,000 web pages per month. If you want to make use of web streaming services or often download media files such as video or music, it’s worth spending a bit more to get an uncapped connection that will not fine you if you surpass your internet allowance.

There are many cheap broadband deals about, but the cheapest connections may not be right for all users, it all depends on your needs. Be sure to read all the contract details to find out exactly what you are signing yourself up to. Shop around using price comparison sites as they often breakdown all the important information into a manageable table format.