How to Turn Your Home Into a Gym

We recently discussed the benefits of a healthy and balanced diet paired with cholesterol lowering foods. Now, it’s time to turn our attention to the second component of a healthy lifestyle: exercise!

Exercise is a great way to support the action of cholesterol lowering foods, but we know that if you’re new to it, or don’t have a lot of time – it can be hard to fit it in to your every day routine. Luckily, it doesn’t take much money or effort to turn your home into the perfect environment to work out in. So, if you’d like some help and advice on how to get motivated at home, read on to find out what home equipment to buy, or simply how to decide what mode of exercise is right for you.

5 Products To Try At Home:

Yoga mat and block

Yoga is perfect for building confidence and strength when you’re still new to exercise. You can adapt it to any level of ability, with stretches starting at the most basic level for beginners. It promotes awareness of your body and can work wonders for your posture! It’s a good idea to invest in a couple of inexpensive bits of kit – for example, a yoga mat so you won’t slip, or a block to support various parts of your body and help you avoiding neck strain.

Pull up bar

Exercising by using your own body weight is a great way to increase your strength and muscle tone. It’s cheaper and more space-efficient than using free-weights and weight machines, and also safer – you’re less likely to strain, as the weight and movements of your own limbs will regulate your posture. A pull-up bar takes up hardly any space – you can even hang your laundry on it between workouts if you’re so inclined – and is much more versatile than you might think. There’s quite a daunting selection of pull up bars out there for such a seemingly simple piece of equipment, so check out this guide to help you pick the right one.

Exercise ball

Exercise balls are the perfect bit of kit for newcomers: they’re inexpensive, easy to store, and have a whole range of uses to see you through from novice to advanced workouts. If you’re working on building up strength before moving on to a full blown exercise routine, just sitting on an exercise ball for a short time each day will help you develop the core strength you need. Then, when you’re feeling more confident, you can get a full body exercise routine out of it!

Workout DVD

It can be hard to motivate and push yourself when you’re exercising alone. Even with the most versatile bits of equipment, you may run out of ideas after a while. That’s where exercise DVD’s come in: with DVD’s for almost every form of solo exercise you can think of – from aerobics to pilates, and barre core to zumba – you can try out many until you find an activity you love. They’re also great for trying something out before you commit to a gym membership or class, and it’s easy to switch to a new one if you get tired of a particular workout.

By following a simple home workout each day, and continuing a nourishing, balanced diet, with a few cholesterol-lowering foods thrown in, you’ll soon be on your way to a healthier new you.