ID fraud just keeps on growing

Recent figures have shown that around 4 million people have been victims of identity fraud in the UK. Despite these figures, people remain complacent about the crime. The average cost to a victim of identity fraud is over £1000. There have been situations where some people have lost nearly £10,000.

The study also showed that people are not being careful enough with their identities. They are not taking basic steps such as verifying the identities of people who phone them or shredding household bills. Too many people are simply giving out information when they are asked for it, or displaying it prominently online.

The head of Action Fraud is Jamey Johnson, who commented, “Once a fraudster has a few details about a person they can use that information to commit a whole host of crimes. Loans can be taken out in a person’s name and items bought with them. Bank accounts can also be commandeered and money removed from them. Last month we saw around £250,000 lost because of identity fraud.”

Recent statistics have suggested that identity fraud is becoming more of a problem, this year there have been 80,000 reported cases but it is expected that many people are not reporting the crime so this figure could actually be much higher. Some estimates have said that identity fraud grew by over 10% in 2010 alone. Simon Elson is a security expert with Norton and he has said, “Credit card fraud is one of the biggest Internet crimes in the world.”