Impartial consumer website reviews at

The website is a site full of reviews on other websites.  If you’re a customer who is looking for more information about a website and what its like to use, then this is an excellent resource.  There are a large number of businesses who have been reviewed here, and the site regularly adds new reviews as well.  This sort of site can help potential customers to know whether a website is going to be one that they’ll enjoy browsing, or for stores, whether they take a particular form of payment.

When you’re a new business owner, or the owner of an existing business that is looking to increase its exposure, having your website reviewed is a great way of doing this.  It can increase the interest you get from people who weren’t previously aware what you sold, or who sort of knew, but weren’t sure if your site was likely to be useful to them, and it can even introduce people to you who didn’t know you existed.  Customers gain confidence not just from using a site, but also from reading about what others think of it, and so this sort of review is ideal for that.

A review is a write up about your site that tells people what you’re selling, how easy the site is to navigate, what sort of payment methods you accept and other useful information about the site.  It’s not written by you, but by someone on the outside looking in which means that potential customers can see how someone else has found it to use.

Many people will access websites such as and read about online stores before they use them.  They like to know if the store offers a newsletter, or if they give out discount codes, or have sales regularly, and again, this is the sort of information which can be included in a review.  Overall having a review written about your website offers you advertising that doesn’t look like advertising and these days that’s far more what people are looking to read than direct marketing campaigns.