Independent garages can half costs for motorists

It is a fact that most motorists are certainly feeling the financial pinch when it comes to the ever rising costs of running any type of vehicle will presumably be mare than delighted to hear the news that making use of an independent garage could save them an average £40 per hour less than if they make use of  a big franchise dealer. This is according to recent information released by the Independent Garage Association.

The IGA polled over 2000 of its members on their labour rates and has concluded, that independent garages ‘continue to offer motorists the very best value for money.’ Enabling all UK motorists to find a ‘trusted’ local independent garage was one of the key reasons why the IGA launched it’s UK-wide Trust My Garage scheme.

Figures from the poll show that the average labour cost is slightly over £40 for independent garages, the lowest being £32 in Northern Ireland and the highest being £48 in the south and south east. In contrast, the most recent Warranty Direct annual Labour Rates survey demonstrates that average labour rates for franchise garages stand at a national average of £95.94 with some franchised dealers charging a staggering £55.94 an hour more than independents.

From over 2000 garage respondents, only two independent garages in the UK were charging a fee close to £90 per hour with the vast majority charging less than £50 per hour. Location also plays a part in the figures and when reviewing labour rates by county, the five lowest prices were recorded as £34 in Cambridgeshire, £35 in Herefordshire, £36 in Staffordshire and Leicestershire and £37 in Cumbria. The five highest labour rates by county were recorded in London, Surrey, Buckinghamshire, Berkshire, Hertfordshire and Kent but all these garages still recorded average labour figures below £60.

Stuart James, Director of the RMI’s Independent Garage Association commented: “With the costs associated with owning a vehicle continually rising, it is fantastic to see that independent garages are continuing to offer motorists outstanding value for money.

“We set up Trust My Garage with the motorist in mind, to ensure that consumers were continually receiving the very best levels of technical and customer service from their local independent garage at a very effective price. The results from this survey prove that independent garages offer the most cost effective deal to motorists and we will continue to work with consumers through Trust My Garage to ensure that it remains this way.”