Integrate Landlines and mobile calls with One Net Express

One Net Express helps to integrate landlines and mobile calls into just a mobile-only solution. One Net includes broadband and landlines and customers can use multiple local landline numbers for just their one mobile line. They therefore can advertise as a local business in many different areas and do not have a cost of setting up an office or hiring staff to work in multiple offices.

There are a number of other options One Net Express offers such as hunt groups, call transfer and automated answer services as well as unlimited calls in the UK and standard texts. The hunt group helps if you cannot answer your phone.

If you have multiple people working for you and a call comes in and you cannot answer the phone then it will automatically transfer to the next number in the hunt group so they can answer and will do so until someone in the group answers. It is estimated that over £70 billion is lost in orders annually because response to calls is not quick enough.

With the automated answering service you can create a fully functioning virtual switchboard using the One Net Express. The automated service picks up the call and transfers the caller to the department they are looking for and while on hold, they will be entertained with music and will not get impatient as quickly.

There are a number of different options with the package to choose from and all of them are aimed at helping you, the small business organization to increase your customer service and increase your customer base in order for your sales to increase. One Net Express will help make sure that no calls go unanswered therefore you will not upset current clients and you will not lose potential clients that call and no one answers, One Net Express always answers.