Interiors Represent Businesses!

Don’t you agree that the interiors in a work place set the tone and the mood for the work environment? The design, concept and the feel of where you sit and carry out your activities is of utmost importance to take you to a better future.

Paragon have set a mission to delight our customers with our creativity in interior designing and ensuring that we help them realise full value and returns on their property assets.

Our Expertise

Pioneers in the field of commercial interior design, build and office fit-out, they specialise in transforming work places by working right from the conceptualising stage all the way through until the project completion and deployment stage. We have the knack of providing an aesthetic appeal and increase productivity through our highly motivated and intelligent team of expert professional designers.

They combine synergies from different projects and apply that knowledge and experience across projects thus making them unique in our services and enabling us to offer the best solutions quickly and efficiently.

Our Sectors

Innovation and adaptation are the key ingredients to success and they believe in those principles strongly. That motto has helped us gain tremendous exposure making us apply our intelligence and creativity in different sectors like retail, office spaces, institutions, public sector, health care and laboratories, to name a few.

Paragon visualises office interiors to have functionality and flexibility, creating an environment that can support the staff that occupies the space. We go the extra mile and understand the businesses to enable us to provide solutions that match their needs.

We understand the dilemma of visiting a poorly designed retail store and the frustration the storeowners go through when they see their customers walking away. Our team spends hours honing the perfect idea to help our retail clients get their work space designed such that it speaks volumes and stands out. And we do all this while causing the least disruption and disturbance.

Paragon is the one stop shop to address office space design needs, creating a professional look for your retail outlet and giving a vibrant feel to your laboratory or institution; all with the help of our experienced fit-out professionals and interior designers. Through us you can expect the latest design techniques, a very client-centric environment and the passion to invent and explore new concepts, designs and ideas.