Internet credit card fraud

When the internet was first starting out many people did not like the idea of shopping online, given the fact that there were so many risks associated with the practice. For instance, there was always the chance that the product would not match their expectations or the images that were offered by the seller, especially in more delicate matters concerning items such as food and clothes.

Of course, there is also the logistical aspect to consider such as when an item will be delivered or how an item can be delivered that are a bit more time pertinent, such as food. However, larger companies like Amazon helped tackle these issues and set the standards for smaller internet sellers by staying focused on service predictability and offering great product reviews and descriptions.

This still left one main deterrent for some when it came to online shopping that is still in strong existence today, worry over giving out one’s credit card information online.  Some shoppers are concerned about identity fraud, but more are concerned about their personal details getting sold to 3rd parties, resulting in unwarranted junk mail and harassing phone calls on a regular basis.

With this problem not yet resolved, it seems that consumers would be more apt to make mobile payments using their phone instead of their debit cards or credit cards on the online platform.

While a there is still the concern that credit information could be intercepted while over the air, only a third are concerned about the security of mobile transactions while half of shoppers have the same concern about misuse of their information while shopping online. With this in mind, there may just be an opening for mobile payments in this decade after all.