iPhone £4.5m fraudsters arrested

Six people will soon be in court after being linked to an international fraud valued at £4.5m centered on the iPhone.

One woman and five men were arrested during raids in Essex, Middlesbrough, London, and Birmingham on Wednesday by the City of London Police.

The group is alleged to have defrauded mobile phone network providers including O2 in phone line scam that streamed overseas.

Over 900 iPhones were purchased via fake names and used to dial £10 per minute phone numbers on a consistent basis leaving the mobile providers to foot the bill.

The conspirators are accused of using companies as a front in order to keep their identities secret and launder profits from the scam.

Five were charged with conspiracy to conceal their illegal profits over the period of January to August of 2010.

The sixth was charged with possessing letters, a sim card, and other information that was used in the fraudulent activity.