Is a Hybrid Car Right For Me?

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Hybrid cars are all the rage at the moment – no wonder given the cost of petrol. But is a hybrid car right for your specific needs and how exactly do these modern vehicles differ to traditional petrol powered cars?

Hybrids first came onto the scene in the 1990s – when fears about climate change and the environmental impact of motoring were finally beginning to make car makers sit up and think about creating vehicles that were more fuel efficient and more environmentally friendly.

There are two types of hybrid car: the ‘Series Hybrid’ and ‘parallel’ hybrids.

The series hybrid car will use both electricity and petrol/diesel to power the engine. The battery powers the electric motor and boosts the performance of the petrol engine.

Some hybrid vehicles are classed as mild hybrids, others as strong hybrids. These terms are determined depending on how much electricity they use over normal petrol engines as some hybrids switch from electricity to petrol power sooner than others.

Hybrids can reduce emissions from 25 per cent to 90 per cent depending on the type of hybrid vehicle you own.

But is a hybrid car right for me?

Plug-in hybrid cars are designed to travel longer distances with little or no assistance from the petrol engine: petrol is typically only used to power the battery, not to actually power the vehicle. With this in mind then, hybrid cars, particularly the plug-in variety, can travel distances of more than 40 miles before needing recharging. Hybrid cars could be great as a commuter vehicle then as you could travel to and from work in an electric vehicle, without the need to use fossil fuels at all. And if you live in London: the congestion charge becomes a thing of the past too!

So if you are thinking of considering a hybrid vehicle, look at how you use your vehicle, how long you drive it for at a time and what you are looking to get from your new vehicle. Only that way will you be able to tell if a hybrid car will be right for you.