Is Your Pet Getting the Best From its Diet?

The world of pet food has seen huge leaps in quality and variety within the last decade. One of today’s most successful companies is James Wellbeloved. It has grown from humble beginnings in Somerset to a major player thanks to its simple and sensible approach:

1)      No ingredients associated with dietary allergies

2)      No artificial preservatives, flavourings and colourings

3)      Include fruits and vegetables associated with health benefits.

Each diet they produce has a single source of protein in order to reduce any possibility of allergic reactions in animals. They also offer a range of different diets, using a different protein source for each including a diet based on Turkey, Salmon and Duck. Plant products are also included, chosen for their health providing properties. 15 different fruits and vegetables make up the ingredients that James Wellbeloved include in their diets. These include alfalfa (rich in beta-carotene, a natural anti-oxidant, trace minerals and fibre), and linseed (rich in omega fatty acids, good for skin, and coat). Chicory and sugar beet both help maintain a healthy digestive system and cranberries can be used for urinary health.

With aging, the nutritional requirements of dogs and cats change throughout their life. James Wellbeloved know this and produce a range of diets that cater for animals of different ages. Young kittens and puppies have diets with different protein and mineral levels than those just a few months older. Once they stop growing, they switch to a slightly different diet.  Likewise, the ideal diet for older animals is different again. James Wellbeloved produce these “life stage” diets, so that the nutritional make-up of the diets they make match the age of the animal. James Wellbeloved Puppy Food, for example contains 30% protein whereas older dogs require a lot less.

James Wellbeloved at first only produced dog food, but now their range has expanded to cat food and even ferret food and many varieties of each. Most of the diets are provided in the form of a dried biscuit (or “kibble”), but they also produce moist foods, sealed fresh in pouches. James Wellbeloved also provide a range of treats and training aids such as Crackerjacks, Minijacks, Light Bites and Pure Incentives. Viovet is proud to be a major supplier of James Wellbeloved pet food.

Article courtesy of James Wellbeloved