iTunes fraudster jailed

Five men from Rochdale had been placed in jail for laundering money via iTunes music gift vouchers online.  The men stole enough credit cards to purchase £750,000 worth of iTunes vouchers, which they turned around and sold as a deal on eBay.

They were apprehended by police when one of the men was stopped at a Hull Port search in 2007 and his laptop was taken.  The laptop led them to the laundering operator, Suhail Tufail, who pled guilty to fraud charges and received a five year jail sentence at the Manchester Crown Court.

It was in May of 2007 when Humberside Police stopped three men during a routine search in Amsterdam, at which point a ‘suspicious’ laptop owned by Arfan Rasool was taken and investigated by the Manchester Police’s economic crime unit.

Officers discovered that the hard drive and two other computers confiscated from Rasool’s home held the details off of over 7,000 bank cards.  This prompted the seizure of Suhail Tufail’s computer which held the same details.

After tracing the cards they discovered that many of the cards had been used to purchase iTunes vouchers which led to the discovery that the vouchers were sold at a lower price to launder cash.

Greater Manchester Police Det. Insp Neal Colburn stated that this was a very complex fraud that was pulled off on a massive scale with the group believing they had come up with a sophisticated and untraceable way to launder money until the police intervened.