iTunes fraudsters fleece man for over a grand

Over £1,000 was fraudulently taken from a man’s bank account when his iTunes account was compromised this past week. He received an email stating he had purchased an ITunes gift-away giving to someone to use in the online store reported the Register.

Not recognizing the email address for the gift recipient or remembering having purchased it, he reviewed his iTunes account and uncovered fraudulent charges that overdrew his account by £300 or close to $460. The bank and Apple were contacting to inform them that he was not responsible for the charges. Apple’s reply was just an automated message suspending his account while his bank, HSBC re deposited his funds to his account

He was livid with the Apple message. They took so long to reach me and offered me no help, this after being a loyal Apple and iTunes account holder.

Linking your account to iTunes has lead to trouble in the past and he agreed to do so. It may be time for Apple to review their security since it is unknown how his account was hacked. How can Apple have a pseudo-like Paypal and not have the necessary security in place and enough monitoring guidelines?