iTunes users beware of fraud

iTunes store users are finding themselves the target of fraud cases some of which are created by iOS developers in order to boost their overall sales performance and in other cases basic hacking.

Although Apple sells billions of apps and songs to iTunes users on a regular basis, with this many sales it is bound to attract fraudsters as well.  However, new app purchases that have boosted the sales of one App Store developer up by forty points seem highly suspicious.

The category in question appears in books and is a Japanese manga set of titles published by supposed developer Thuat Nguen.  It is very unlikely that 80% of Apples book sales were from these anime book apps given the fact that they were all dumped into the App Store within just a few days and appear to violate property rights.

Of course, the larger concern is that the junk apps are repeatedly being reported by several iTunes users as fraud.  Ratings attached to many of the titles complain about discovering that the purchases were made without their permission on their accounts although there is a rash of positive reviews interspersed among these creating the image that the group behind the fraudulent sales may be attempting to cover their tracks.

Outside of the fact that the book sales are ruining the integrity of the App store charts, but they also are dropping the rank of legitimate titles by developers so that shoppers cannot view them as easily hurting the value of the overall Apple Store to users.