Jail for credit card cloners

Two men have been placed in jail for a two and a half year sentence after taking cash from ATMs by using fake pin numbers and debit cards.

Romanian Horea Dumitru, aged 22, and Hungarian Kristzan Racz, aged 31, plead guilty to the fraud which took place in Edinburgh on March 1st.  An off duty policeman caught the pair when he saw them using the cards.

The Edinburgh Sheriff Court told the pair that custody was the only sentencing option.

Before the sentence was passed, the court was told that the pair’s flat contained a card cloning factory that was filled with equipment which was found during a police raid.  During the raid officers seized 24 false cards, £1,140 in cash, mobile phones, computer programmes from laptops, gift cards, and memory cards.

Sheriff Scott stated that the pair pled guilty to many serious charges due to the fact they were involved in premeditated fraud and had the equipment to prove they had planned on committing many more fraudulent acts implying that they were in essence caught in the act.

At a prior meeting, fiscal depute Ruth Ross-Davie stated that the off duty police offer saw the pair acting oddly and observed them feeding a variety of cards repeatedly into the machines.

The plot worked by attaching a false fascia to each ATM machine so that the cards could be used to take out money instantly.

The jail terms were dated back to March 2nd when the pair was first arrested.