Lawyers who have been hassling file sharers under investigation

The SRA (Solicitors Regulation Authority) has started an investigation looking into a complaint that was made against the Davenport Lyons law firm for harassing and bullying hundreds people allegedly guilty of file sharing.

According to a report, the group Which? filed a complaint in 2008 against the law firm on behalf of the consumer group stating that Davenport Lyons randomly sent them threatening letters accusing them of downloading media content that is copyrighted illegally.  The notices also demanded that the firm be paid for all downloads.

Which? expounded in the complaint that the letters from the law firm threatened the alleged file shares with legal action if they did not immediately start payments that totalled up to hundreds of pounds in some cases.  The consumer watchdog group claimed the letters were excessive in nature and that the firm did not have substantial evidence to support their claims of illegal downloading.

According to reports, the firm accused over sixty people of downloading a pornographic film illegally although they did not know what content mechanism was used to complete the download.  Additionally, most of the people threatened were said to feel angry, scared, and disturbed by the claims.

Head of the affairs at Which?, Deborah Prince, stated that the group is pleased to see the SRA finally take some action and hopes that their impending investigation will start to actually favour consumer rights and take action against tactics that are best defined as school yard bullying.