Librarian stole books and sold them on eBay

The shocking abuse of position shown by ex librarian Gillian Polding, 56, of Harpenden, will not be tolerated by the Harrow Council it was announced today at her sentencing which included electronic tagging and a three-month curfew for her stealing of books and other materials and selling them on eBay.

Given the great financial challenges we face today, this is all the more shocking abuse of position and theft from the public, says Councillor Graham Henson.

Following a thorough investigation she was dismissed after having previously been suspended when the matters came to light. The council worked with the police and eBay to help and secure a conviction.

The council praised its staff as being a great asset and how they deliver essential services to the residents making it an extreme disappointment that on very rare occasion’s staff lets them down and hopes this case will be an example that they will not tolerate it.