Lighting the Road to 2012

Although the London Olympics are not officially going to kick off until August, the excitement is already brewing as thousands of people are waking up early, staying up late, and taking time off from work and school to see the torch pass through their towns.  Throughout the next 70 days a total of 139 torchbearers are going to relay the Olympic torch across a total of 8,000 miles until it safely reaches London and is ready to officially light the Olympic fire.  This is no easy task as the torch must continue to be transferred through rain, heat, and anything else that crops up.

For those who do not live close enough to the torch relay route to get a look, Lloyds TSB and the Telegraph have teamed up to create a weekly series called Lighting the Road to 2012 that will show titbits of the relay so that you can still feed into the excitement leading up to the grand athletic meet.

Olympic gold winner Amy Williams is the host of the weekly show that will be broadcast every Friday from a different location featuring a handful of the runners and interviews to help capture the excitement of the entire event.

The weekly series kicked off with a feature on Ben Ainslie who was the first torch runner to pick up the torch in Land’s End and take it towards Plymouth.  Ainslie is no stranger to stressful situations, as he is a three time Olympic Gold medallist in the sailing competition, but according to him carrying the torch is one of the most stress inducing tasks that he has yet to encounter.  From Plymouth the torch will continue on towards Bath at which point it winds to the west a bit and then northwards towards its final stop in Worchester.