London Met struggle after their licence for foreign students is revoked

Last week has been pretty big for the foreign students studying in British universities and more specifically the London Metropolitan University. A few days ago, the UK Border Agency declared the London Met’s license to accept non-European students as invalid. This means that the prestigious university doesn’t have the ‘fully trusted’ kite mark, because it failed to meet the rules of the UK Border Agency.

This news is certainly not good for the university, as it can lose revenue of up to £30 million. The UK Border Agency stated that the reason for their decision is the university’s numerous failures to submit information about the immigration status of its non-EU students. The UKBA pointed that the university couldn’t prove if the international students were showing up at lectures or not. They also stated that many of the international students didn’t had satisfactory English.

The UKBA website has released a statement which is important for the 2,600 international students who are currently studying at the London Metropolitan University. The agency informs them that “we will work with qualified students to help them find another university, where they’ll have the opportunity to continue studying in the UK.”

Not surprisingly, thousands of international students are worried about their future and the upcoming process which raises many questions. Which students are qualified and genuine? Which institution will accept new students during this time of the year? What happens if the student isn’t approved? Will he be deported? Will he lose all the money he invested in his education?

.The UKBA’s decision is commented by people from the entire country. As expected, most people agree to the agency’s decision and state that “The London Metropolitan University failed to follow the set rules and their punishment is deserved” and “The staff at London Met had to present the necessary reports and they just didn’t do it”.