Lotto Scratchcards as a Christmas Gift

Lotto scratchcards come in all shapes and sizes and great prizes can be won instantly, from £1 up to £100,000.  There are always new ones brought out for the Christmas season, including the brilliant Christmas Millionaire scratch card which gives you the chance of being that; a millionaire for Christmas. While most of us treat ourselves to one or two of these festive treats, how many of you would think of giving them as a gift?

If you think about it, a Christmas scratchcard is a great little stocking filler, or to put in a cracker, or even a gift for that person whose name you have picked out of the hat for secret Santa and haven’t a clue what to get for them. Lotto tickets have been used as gifts and wedding favours for a long time, but the instantaneousness of a scratch card makes these a winner every time.

To promote this, Lotto organisers Camelot have released a fun video to get the point across of what a good gift a scratchcard makes. We see one being slipped into a Christmas card, a stocking hanging by the fireplace, a cracker and into a desk drawer in the office. When the recipients open the card/stocking/drawer they are deluged in cash, and the guests at a dinner party who pull the cracker are showered with money.

So if you are stuck for that extra little something, take trip to your nearest lotto outlets and pick up a few Happy Christmas, Snow me the Money or Christmas Millionaire scratch cards. Ranging in price from £1 to £5, they are the ideal gifts to give this Christmas. You don’t have to battle your way around the High Street, or look for hours online, they are available from everywhere that has a lottery machine, so pick up yours today.