Make 2012 A Happy Year By Checking For Food Intolerance

It’s the time of year for making resolutions, and what better way to start that than thinking about how you can make improvements to you own quality of life, and to start feeling better. It’s not that you’re being self-indulgent; it’s just about putting yourself first (for once!) so that you will then be able to juggle all those many of daily tasks that come your way.

Make a start by identifying your undetected food intolerances: For many, underlying and undetected food intolerances can be the cause of chronic symptoms such as bloating, stomach pain, low energy and depression, migraine and headaches, and skin problems. According to the leading medical charity Allergy UK, 45% of the population suffers from symptoms of food intolerance and a recent survey showed that 31% of sufferers had had to take between one day and one week off work over the last year due to their food intolerance symptoms; not ideal in any financial climate; let alone the current one.

Interested? You can find out if you have food intolerance with the YorkTest First Step food intolerance indicator which generates a Positive/Negative result from the laboratory.  A negative result indicates your symptoms are not related to food intolerance.  A Positive result indicates your immune system is reacting to foods in your diet and you can move directly to the FoodScan 113 with the same sample.  This FoodScan test identifies out of 113 different foods which ones you can eat freely and which ones you would benefit from eliminating from your diet. Usually avoidance from 3 months up to a year is enough to relieve your symptoms. Nutritional support is also given in the form of two 30 minute telephone consultations with a YorkTest nutritionist to go over your dietary changes.  YorkTest is the only laboratory to offer a First Step indicator test with the option to go further using the same sample and in these uncertain times paying for what you only need is better for your pocket as well as your health.

The test is the only food intolerance testing service of its kind recommended by leading medical charity Allergy UK. YorkTest has 30 years of experience in the food intolerance testing market. Many people with chronic ill health symptoms are looking to take control of their symptoms using a proven, positive and active approach. Now, it emerges there is a simple dietary solution that offers real hope after all; new food for thought for the beginning of a new year and a happier and healthier YOU.

Dr. Gillian Hart is a Scientific Director for YorkTest Laboratories who specialise in food intolerance testing as well as allergy testing which can help those suffering from food intolerance symptoms such as IBS Symptoms For more information visit or call 0800 074 6185.