Make A Meal Reports Britain's Biggest Food Wastage

Food is one of the world’s most valuable resources yet in the UK alone, Love Food Hate Waste estimates that around 15 million tonnes is discarded each year. In a bid to reveal the biggest culprits, innovative recipe generating app Make A Meal has gathered a list of the most thrown away items in British households.

Paul Saxby of Make a Meal said, “Drawing on data from our army of waste conscious users, Make A Meal was able to uncover which items are thrown away most. The results were incredibly interesting and offer new insight into which items are the biggest culprits, and why.”

Topping the list of items left languishing at the bottom of the fridge are fruit and vegetables. 37% of users cited these as their most thrown away items, with the most common reason listed as “buying too much leading to product spoiling or decaying before it can be eaten.” Apples, oranges and tangerines tend to be left in fruit bowls to rot away while vegetables are often misplaced, forgotten or not rotated in the fridge until it’s too late.

Next on the list are dairy products, with 20% of Make A Meal users admitting to binning items on a regular basis. Cheese and yogurt frequently go mouldy or exceed their use by dates. Milk is another product which is increasingly thrown away. According to Make A Meal, this is largely driven by the current supermarket practice of selling large cartons at cheap prices.

Bread and other baked products came in with third place, with 18% of respondents citing them as their main source of food waste. Crusts are a particular favourite while short life products such as croissants deteriorate quickly after purchase.

17% of surveyed Make A Meal users listed partially eaten meals as their biggest item destined for the bin. Key causes include serving up meals that are too big for children or cooking excessive portions that simply don’t get eaten. Could rekindling the love with the freezer be a savvy solution?

Lastly in the league table is meat, with chicken, sausages and ham being the key offenders. These items are either partially cooked meal staples or snack/sandwich fillers which are either forgotten or not properly rotated. Of course, meat that’s past its prime is not only undesirable but can also be extremely dangerous.

Make A Meal is advocating for less food wastage with an innovative iOS app that generates ingredient specific recipes in a matter of seconds. Users simply input available ingredients, browse recipe options and whip up a meal using items that would otherwise be destined for the bin. It’s simple, easy and guaranteed to save users time, food and money.

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