Make it happen

The Telegraph has teamed up with some inspirational speakers in a new mini-series of adverts titled ‘Make It Happen’ that are meant to build on their inspiring futures series.  In the latest, Pete Cohen sits down with viewers for a few minutes to explain that if you want something you have to ‘make it happen’ for yourself otherwise you will never see the world around you change for the positive.  Although the clip may be only two short minutes long, Cohen does manage to jam in plenty of thoughts that are worth pondering for a minute or two.

From the top, Cohen addresses the fact that it is much easier to stay in one place and never push for the future simply because it is easier to stay in one place. Anyone who has ever spent a Saturday on the couch due to lack of power can attest to this fact, but then he continues to say that most people are not going to get any satisfaction out of a life that always remains in one place.  At the end of the Saturday on the couch most people can probably agree with this fact as well.

Instead, Cohen explains that the one thing that unites everyone throughout the human experience is the fact that they have problems, but it is how we choose to deal with our problems that makes us different and allows some people to truly ‘make it happen.’  He encourages those faced with problems to tell their goals and dreams to friends and family members so that they can help them get through the stumbling stones and closer to their goals because a life spent in process is always better than a life that is spent stagnant wishing for an unattainable goal.