Making your energy bills count

The cost of electricity has continued to rise for years, and many consumers feel that they have no choice but to pay it. After all, electricity in the home is something that no one can live without.

But these consumers are only half right. It is true that electricity is essential to a fully functioning and comfortable home; in our modern society, no one can live without it. However, there are alternatives to paying power companies that continue to burn fossil fuels that exist in limited supply. Not only can you solve this problem by taking your energy needs into your own hands, but you can even help save the environment whilst you do so.

The solution to growing electricity demands lies in renewable energy. Technology and green developments have become so advanced that it is completely possible for homeowners to purchase and install–or even build–their own renewable energy systems.

Solar energy is a more than viable alternative to getting all of your power from a traditional energy company. Homeowners who install solar panels on their roofs, although they front the initial costs for materials and installation, usually find that they save enough money on their energy bills to cover the cost of installation within the first decade after installation. And after they break even, these homeowners are at an advantage; solar panels can last for decades, which means that their energy will be completely free for just as long.

If you’re not into solar, you could also consider the emerging alternative of wind power. Small turbines can be installed on the roof of a house or in the garden and connected to your home’s electricity system so that energy is produced whenever they are hit by strong winds. This kind of system, although less developed than home solar systems, is quickly catching on amongst UK homeowners.

However, with the economy still in a recovery, you may know before even reviewing your finances that you cannot afford to front the cost of a renewable energy system for your home at the moment. Consumers in a tight spot can still do their part for the environment by using green electricity, even if they don’t have solar panels or wind turbines.  This is because there are many renewable energy companies that provide electricity in the same way that traditional electricity providers do. The difference is that they get their power from renewable sources like industrial-sized wind turbines. So if you value green initiatives and clean energy, a simple phone call to switch energy providers can put you on the path to a renewable energy plan.

When it comes to sustainable energy, the important thing to remember is that not every dollar is equal. The money you spend in setting up a more sustainable energy plan and a healthier environment will ultimately be more powerful than any other investment you can in the future.

Article by Good Energy