Man fakes his own death in £1.25 million fraud

Alfredo Sanchez is the dumbest living dead man. He faked his death over insurmountable debts only to have his fingerprints lifted off the death certificate. The fraud was worth £1.25 million. So he sought the aid of his wife to scam the insurance company in order to skip out on paying his debt.

Even his wife had not foreseen that the detectives would scan the certificate for fingerprints. After handing over the death certificate and her husband’s fingerprints having been discovered, they arrested her. Mrs. Sanchez has four children and went straight to prison for two years, starting in September. Mr. Sanchez made a break for it, fleeing with the children across Australia.

Mr. Sanchez, of Ecuador, convinced his wife to lie to his employers that he had died while traveling. HMV, his employer, covered all costs for Mrs. Sanchez to fly to South America to attend the funeral services. Yet, no one had noticed that she had already informed the insurance company that Mr. Sanchez’ body had already been cremated.

More than £128,000 was paid by HMV. Mr. Sanchez had started all the troubles by opening multiple credit accounts between Spring of 2003 and 2004. Mrs. Sanchez was unaware of the amassing debt. He added to this a life insurance policy from Legal and General in the amount of £500,000.

Mr. Sanchez fled with his family to South America, but first withdrew on a loan of £65,000, to be paid in case of his death. He returned when he could not make things work there and took out yet another sum of money, £31,000, along with yet another life insurance policy worth £117,000. He then fled to Ecuador.

The authorities were told by Mrs. Sanchez of her husbands passing away as of January 3rd and of his cremation as of the 5th of 2005. She collected on the life insurances immediately upon receipt of the death certificate. Her attorney claims Mrs. Sanchez had not lied to anyone about her husband’s death and that the burden of unbearable debt amassed by Mr. Sanchez forced Mrs. Sanchez into the fraud.