Man tries to sell same lawn mower twice on eBay

Christopher Llewelyn Kerrell, a 27-year-old Dolau man, is guilty of having tried to twice sell a lawn mower on eBay. He agreed to the offence before court Wednesday in Llandrindod Wells.

He changed his story about the incident, after having denied his guilt for nearly three weeks. He only stood to gain £705 by selling the mower to a second party, after having already sold it in promise to a first party.

According to Kevin Challinor, Prosecutor, the first man, posting the complaint, owns an agricultural business and bought the mower through eBay from Kerrell. He first contacted Kerrell via email and they agreed on a price. The complainant was to mail a cheque, which was actually drawn on within 9 days from the beginning of the transaction. Kerrell had requested the cheque be made out to his wife.

According to the agreement, the complainant was due to pick up the mower in three months. However, the man found that Kerrell had closed his eBay account. After a bit of research he found the exact same mower for sale under a different account, OK Contracting.

The mower had already been sold again to another buyer, in Powys. The complainant warned that if contact was not received from OK Contracting within a 24-hour window, the authorities would be involved. The account was immediately closed.

Kerrell in fact does have prior offences of fraud, regarding bounced cheques six years ago. The defence was that Kerrell was not performing a professional crime, but taking advantage of an opportunity, since he was out of work. His references are excellent and will certainly find employment within the month. He is basically just “growing up”.