Ministry of Justice doing their best to reduce the cost of motoring

The Ministry of Justice is responsible for various judicial aspects that influence thinking and behaviour within the UK. Their role is largely unknown by the public.

Recently the Roads Minister has been reviewing motoring within the UK and what improvements can be made to policies in order to reduce the cost of insurance policies for vehicle owners. The incidence of claims for whiplash – which is caused by fast neck movements during a particularly violent car accident – has been a special area of review.

Whiplash can in some cases being easy to claim, but harder to confirm as valid. In order to reduce the instances of whiplash fraud in insurance claims, medical staff with suitable medical qualifications to correctly determine if whiplash is present, recently suffered, as well as the actual level of severity, will be required. This is expected to continue to reduce the average cost of car insurance.

Motorway fuel costs are a subject of some consternation among drivers who feel the prices are inflated, with inadequate price information provided before turning off the motorway to the service station.

This leads to a lack of consumer choice as often once a driver has turned off the motorway, they do not wish to drive further down the motorway again to try find a better deal. One of the other new measures from the Ministry includes clearer signs before the turn off to indicate whether the fuel is the best price available on the motorway or not.

MOT pricing will stay the same until 2015 in order to help reduce the total cost of car ownership. The government authority is also looking at whether it will be possible to reduce the cost of taking the theory and the practical part of a driving test for new drivers, but no decision has been made on this step as yet.

Clearly the Ministry of Justice in conjunction with the Roads Minister are making some excellent progress in helping to reduce the total cost of motoring in the UK.