Money Saving Coupons

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Money saving by using coupons is something that for a time was considered to be old fashioned and something your grandma might have done. Today however, it’s popular with old and young alike, and more and more people are finding that coupons can save them money, so the trend is on the rise once more.

A coupon is basically a piece of paper that a company provides it’s customers with to try to persuade them to buy their product over someone else’s. The idea for them is that if you don’t have to pay as much for the product, you’ll try it, and having done so, hopefully you’ll like it so much that you’ll keep buying it even without a coupon.

What this means for us is, that with all the rivalry between different companies, if you’re not wedded to one particular brand, but like to try different things, and different brands, you can often save money by using a coupon to buy something that you need.

Supermarkets quite like coupons too. If the coupon is a manufacturer’s coupon, then the supermarkets send the coupons back to them, and get the money back from them, often receiving a handling fee of 1 or 2p per coupon as well. What this means is that you shouldn’t be afraid of using coupons when you’re in the supermarket.

Coupons are available in a lot of different places. They can be found weekly magazines, newspapers, on leaflets that come through your door, and even on the products themselves. They’re also widely available these days through the internet, and many companies will let you sign up to their system, and then print off a coupon on your own printer.

Some websites, such as freebie sites, money saving sites and discount finder sites, gather together information about the various offers all into one place making it easier for people searching to find a wide variety of different things. They will then either have the coupons on their site for you to print off, or give you links to the manufacturer’s pages where you can find them. These websites are often worth bookmarking so that you can easily check back on a regular basis to see what’s new.

Some coupons come direct from the supermarkets. These are generally for money off when you spend a certain amount on something. It could be on your overall shop, or on a particular department. These are designed to encourage people to shop in that supermarket instead of another one. Actually, some supermarkets who are trying to boost their sales will go further and accept coupons designed for their rivals. This doesn’t earn them any money directly, but if it gets customers coming to them instead of going somewhere else, then it’s useful to them, and it won’t hurt you either because you still get to save money.