More UK tabloids under investigation regarding phone hacking

Police are taking a deeper look into the tabloids in the country and implicating new tabloids that they now believe could have played a part in the phone hacking scandal that has racked Britain. Groups that have now been affected by the scandal include the UK Express Newspapers and the Trinity Mirror PLC Newspaper Group.

Over one hundred new claims of data intrusion are now being explored in the hopes of getting to the bottom of the situation. The scandal originally just centered on the News of the World owned by Rupert Murdoch. According to comments that were made by Deputy Assistant Commissioner the scandal could actually end up hurting many of the competitors of the News of the World as well ironically.

Akers explained that three newspaper groups are now thought to have offered thousands of pounds of payment to a prison officer for information. She continued to explain that now they believe that offenses were committed that are of genuine public interest by more than just one tabloid, and that many of the stories in question actually go a lot deeper than just Murdoch’s group which should at least bring a little piece of mind to those at the News of the World who have been shouldering all of the blame.

Prosecutors stated that they will announce this coming Tuesday whether they want to charge more people with criminal charges as part of their investigation or not. As of right now there are over forty public officials and journalists arrested as a result of the inquiry although only a few people have been charged with wrongdoing. One of the most prominent people to be charged is Rebekah Brooks the former chief executive of News International who claims that she is not guilty of any wrongdoing.