Motorway services overpriced on nearly everything

According to a survey recently published, motorway service areas are charging unforgivable prices, in some cases double the high street prices, for some drinks. Bottled water at a WH Smith shop was being sold for 91% higher than in their town centre stores.

Other inflated prices were 25% more for an own-brand Marks & Spencer Scottish water and 16% increase on a sandwich and about the same for a large sausage roll.

Burger Kings increased their prices by 12% from those in the high street restaurants. Even fuel was more expensive on the motorway as per a survey from the What Car? Magazine. Prices were an average of 5% more for unleaded and 3% more from diesel.
On average that would increase annual fuel prices for those that fill their fuel tanks on the motorway by £77.

Steve Fowler editor-in-chief of What Car? said it was not right to take advantage of motorists and with the prices of fuel at all time highs, the additional 5% mark-up is hard on consumers and the 90% increase for a bottle of water is unheard of.

They suggest plan your journeys real careful so you do not have to use the greedy services on the motorway. Such high prices deter drivers from stopping and that creates road safety issues. The whole concept of the motorway is to encourage motorist to stop so they get fatigue behind the wheel, says Royal Automobile Club Foundation spokesman Phil Gomm.

Accidents on the motorways could increase if because of the high prices of food, drink and fuel, people decide not to stop.