Music fans need great care when purchasing festival tickets

As summer nears many people are looking at the upcoming festivals and concerts that come with it, but before you rush out to purchase tickets make sure that you know the source you are getting them from, as it is getting more popular for fraudsters and rip-off websites to take your money in exchange for fake tickets.

Unfortunately, this scam is not limited to the online world, but can also happen even if you purchase them in person because there are still some scam artists that can set you up with fake tickets.  Thus, if you want to make sure that you get the real thing this summer, you may want to read the following few tips to keep you safe from scammers.

First of all, wherever you choose to buy your tickets you will want to look for the STAR logo.  Even on a website it will be placed somewhere, and if you are at a physical ticket vendor it should be near the counter or outside of the ticket agent’s office.  STAR stands for Society of Ticket Agents and Retailers and includes members such as Applause, Ticketmaster, and Keith Prowse.

Second, you need to use some discretion when you are checking out a website.  Before making a purchase, even if the website looks like the real thing, compare the information on the website against the information you know about the event and double check that they really are STAR members to see if the online agent you are thinking about making your purchase from is an authorized seller.

Finally, look for a real address and one that is not a PO Box which is a dead giveaway.  If you cannot find an address or if the only contact number or an email address then browse away quickly and never return.