The world of mystery shopping

Normal jobs can get old after awhile, but there are mystery shopper jobs that offer just as much mystique as the title implies.  This is due to the fact that as a mystery shopper you never know what the next day will entail since the retail shops, restaurants, and petrol stations that you are assigned to visit will be brand new shopping experiences that always present a new challenge.

Even more interestingly, most mystery shoppers not only get paid for their time, but also get to keep the goods they purchase on commission while shopping making your pay packet worth twice as much.

For those who have seen ads about mystery shopper vacancies but are not aware of what the job actually entails, the principle is pretty simple.  A mystery shopper is responsible for visiting a store, making a purchase, and closely paying attention to the service and condition of the store so that they can fill out a report about their visit.  Their survey is then returned to the shop that has ordered a mystery shopper so that they can evaluate how well their staff are manning the counter and dealing with customers, without anyone suspecting they are under scrutiny.

Mystery shopper jobs are unique in the fact that there is no actual work place, but instead a revolving list of new stores to visit and evaluate.  Each time a mystery shopper is sent out to a department store or boutique they are given an allowance that they are expected to spend.

The goods that are purchased with this allowance become theirs along with their pay, which means that essentially you are paid to shop and given a bonus for doing so just for paying close attention to the service and quality of the transaction.

Given the fact that most people usually pay attention to the good, bad, or indifferent service they receive while shopping, the job is practically the simplest task to perform, which is why it is surprising for most to learn that there are actual mystery shopper vacancies that need to be filled if you want a part time or full time (as your schedule permits) job that focuses around shopping experiences.

Everyday shops contact mystery shopper agencies in order to check up on the service and impression that their stores make on consumers.  Why not become the person that can determine how they rate, while receiving the perks of a mystery shopper at the same time.  A mystery shopper is the one consumer that can actually voice their opinion about a shop and know that it will get recognized by those in charge.  Therefore, not only will you receive a good rate of pay and spending allowance, but every day you can rest assured that your opinion is being heard and responded to.