Nectar point’s fraudster caught in huge scam

Computer theft of nectar points is what James Stevenson, 45, and IT supervisor at Sainsbury’s is guilty of. He granted himself more than£80,000 of Nectar points and has been sent to jail for nearly two years.

During the period of 2002 to 2009, the father of two children revealed to confessed investigators, he had granted himself millions of points to fake loyalty cards under pseudonyms. He also revealed that he had spent all, but later declared only a little over £8,000 was blown on groceries. 500 nectar points are equivalent to £2.50 in cash.

Nectar points can be used in exchange for money at many stores, such as the Eurostar, Argos, various cinemas Amazon, Orient Express, and many resorts, including Alton Towers.

Stevenson was a trusted employee as a head technology analyst at the main office of Sainsbury, at Holborn in central London. He entered the plea of guilty to the Prosecutor’s accusations of fraud, which happened November 2010.

The court permitted Stevenson to stay at home on bail with his family for the Christmas holidays, including New Year’s, prior to being sentenced. When he was hauled off to prison, the computer analyst displayed no emotions whatsoever.

He offered no explanation, but he did explain that there was a discrepancy in the security system and that he took advantage of it. Edward McKiernan reported, “Stevenson was trusted with care of the system which is operated by another company on Sainsbury’s behalf. He had access to put points on his pseudonyms’ cards.”

“Stevenson claims he found a loophole in the system. He also first claimed to have spent it all.” Sainsbury’s claim they were swindled out of more than £80,000 in total, due to the third party involved in the Nectar points system.