Nespresso and a certain Mr Clooney

What kind of Nespresso person are you? An Espressivo, a Cremosa, an Armoniosa or, like a certain Hollywood superstar, a Decaffeniato Intenso. One of the most talked about ads at the moment features George Clooney who appears in the fun and engaging advert for the greatest advent in home coffee machines for decades; the Nespresso machine. The message is clear; there is a Nespresso blend to suit everyone, even though the results could come as a surprise to those around you.

The ad starts with an innocent mistake where two identical cases are mixed up. Mr Clooney has a case containing female underwear and a stash of Nespresso Volluto pods whereas the lady in question has a bag with a pile of Decaffeinato Intenso and a far from macho silk sleep mask. After a quick call they meet up, whereas she looks at him and says that’s amazing.

Showing his comedic side, George gives a knowing grin and says ‘I Know’, as he clearly thinks she is referring to who he is. He is brought down to earth with a thump when she tells him she would have taken him for a Ristretto man, her undertone clearly implying that this is a much more masculine blend than what is in his case. She hands him his mask and walks away with her case, leaving him staring after her, speechless.

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With boxes of mixed pods available, you can have a lot of fun finding out which Nespresso best suits you, and also taste the full range of blends that come in handy little pods that you simply drop into the Nespresso machine to create the perfect cup of coffee. Get your friends around for a coffee morning and have fun while you sample the various bends and discover which one you are.